Mountain biking is bad for your health! (cervicogenic headaches…)

For some reason, I seem to be on a subconscious quest to experience a variety of injuries, perhaps in a bid to gain empathy for my clients. Having personal experience of pain certainly makes you a better clinician as it helps you appreciate what can often help, but to be honest; I’d rather not have to!

Over the years I’ve suffered with: disc prolapses; microdiscectomy surgery; wrist sprains; carpal tunnel syndrome; plantar fasciitis; knee sprains; shoulder sprains and most recently (after landing on my head falling off my mountain bike), neck pain and headache. Most of these injuries are fitness related and usually avoidable and recoverable, but who ever said exercise is good for you!? I guess it depends on what sort.

So, after my latest excursion head butting the ground, I am currently suffering with what is commonly known as “neck headache” or “cervicogenic” headache. I see quite a few clients with this problem, and now I know how it feels!

It’s important to note that headaches can be a sign of something more serious, so it’s important that you are examined by a qualified professional and if necessary referred for appropriate tests. Once confirmed though, cervicogenic headaches are generally regarded as secondary headaches arising from problems with the joints or muscles of the neck. Symptoms can include tenderness in the upper neck and base of skull; dizziness; nausea; neck stiffness; pain into the face or side of head; and blurred vision. The headache typically starts in your neck, and can sometimes mimic migraine symptoms.

The pain is often chronic and relentless and there can be a variety of causes including prolonged poor posture; joint or disc degeneration; inflammation of a neck joint or nerve; or a history of whiplash or trauma causing joint movement issues.

Fortunately it’s been shown that Chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, dry needling, and exercises can help to get on top of the problem. It’s a good job I’m in this business!

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