Need some gift ideas? Try our new online store.

If you are like me and struggle for gift ideas around this time of the year, then we have a few good suggestions for you in our new online store.

The Complete Sleeprrr pillow has always been popular ever since we started selling it around 8 years ago. People love how adjustable and comfortable it is, and compared to other orthopaedic pillows is very good value.

Memory Foam pillow

For more information, please see our Complete Sleeprrr product page.


What about a gift voucher?

If you know someone who would benefit from a massage or chiropractic session, then it would be a nice gesture to get them a gift voucher for some treatment.

Gift Vouchers

For more information, please see our Gift Vouchers product page.

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From all of us at Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness, we hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Year break. See you in 2020!

Chris Mallett
Principal Chiropractor
Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness (Stafford and Newport)

Help your back pain with the Dying Bug

If you suffer with a back injury or pain, it can be a real burden getting back to normal movement.

The Dying Bug track is a progression of exercises designed to help you learn to engage the spinal and pelvic muscles again, and give you the confidence to return to normal activities. Here, our Chiropractor Chris runs through some of the steps of the progression and explains why it is so important.

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