Mountain Biking

Have the January blues? Getting active can help!

After all the build-up and hype around Christmas, it’s gone so quickly that January can often be a bit of a let-down. It’s hard to get back into the routine of things, particularly when it comes to exercise and staying healthy.

I’ve found it difficult this year too. With a number of injuries, a rather stressful house extension, and a very busy practice; it’s been a struggle to keep motivated to stay fit and strong. Despite this, I know I’ll get back to it again because I enjoy my mountain biking.

One of the things I often try to encourage my clients to do is to find something they enjoy that gets them active. It doesn’t matter what it is: swimming; cycling; Zumba; Pilates or simply going for a walk. Being active and doing something you enjoy is just as good for you mentally as it is physically. It has been shown to be one of the most effective remedies for feeling down and for your general well-being.

However, I know it’s not always easy when you’ve got aches and pains. I’ve been through back injuries and surgery and have been told before that I should give up riding down ‘bumpy hills’ as it’s not good for my back. I strongly disagree.

In all activity, having a spine that functions well but is also strong and stable is vital to both good movement and staying injury free. It’s the biggest reason why everyone (including athletes or those just looking to stay healthy) should be maintaining good spinal function, good movement patterns, and good core stability. These three factors are hugely important in both professional and amateur sports (and movement in general) if you want to enjoy your chosen activity as much as possible.

Unless there’s a very good reason, no-one should ever tell you to stop doing a sport or activity you love doing. With the right treatment, advice and training, almost everyone can continue with their chosen activity and lead a better quality of life.

We can help you to achieve better health. Why not come and see what our chiropractors and massage therapists in Stafford and Newport can do for you. We look forward to seeing you.

Chris Mallett
Principal Chiropractor
Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness (Stafford and Newport)