Our Approach

We look to address the causes, not just the symptoms

Good movement, strength and control is essential to health. Injury and pain can often affect some or all of these areas.

As joint, muscle and nerve experts, we believe that it is far better to address the root causes of your pain or movement issues rather than just mask the symptoms.  Although manual therapy is often very effective, we also appreciate the importance of rehabilitative exercise and functional re-education in your recovery from injury as well as maintenance of overall health. As such, we will often advise on lifestyle, posture, exercise and specific training to help you on your way.

We will always do our best to help you to achieve a long term solution through enabling better movement, stability and control of your body, and giving you the power to better manage your own health.

Your road to recovery

Step 1. Discussion & History

At your first visit, we will sit down and chat about your current and past health issues as well as go through a detailed history of your current complaint to see what may be contributing towards your problems.

Step 2. Examination

After discussing your history, we will examine aspects such as your movement and nervous system function. If necessary, we will refer you to other specialists or for further tests including X-ray or MRI.

Step 3. Treatment

We will discuss your case clearly with you prior to your care, and (if applicable) you will receive treatment at your first visit. Each course of treatment varies depending on individual circumstances, however we will endeavour to get you back to your best as soon as possible.

Step 4. Rehabilitation & Maintenance

As you progress through your care plan, we will often give exercises and advice to build and maintain good movement and function. This can be at home, or with structured personal trainer sessions within the gym (Stafford only), and may also include Yoga or Pilates.

For more information about the types of services we offer, please see What We Do, or our Contact page.